Click here to read some of what our contestants have to say!

Click here to read some of what our contestants have to say!

“I had an absolutely wonderful experience working with the Gala Company, Jennifer Rodriguez, all of our great sponsors, and of course the amazing girls who had the courage, strength, dedication, ambition, and inner beauty it took to compete in this fantastic event. Placing in the Top 10 was an incredible privilege and I felt that I put my best performance on the stage and gave every ounce of what I had and that’s truly the only thing that matters. While becoming a queen or a finalist is obviously an immense honor and incredible opportunity, I believe being recognized by your peers is far more touching on a personal level. Being acknowledged as a leader, friend, selfless heart, and a good time through the title of Miss Congeniality is, in my humble opinion, the greatest honor one can receive. While the judges have a brief introduction to your personality, passions, stage presence, and physical appearance, they also have a plethora of motives in selecting the next queen. Miss Congeniality is based solely on personality, how you interact with others, and the energy that you brought to the event, on and off the stage. Every girl at the show last weekend was absolutely magnificent and to have been chosen by them is very flattering and important to me. Thank you all so much for a beautiful experience!”

Anna Christina Pullig-Gomez
Miss Pacific Coast
Miss Congeniality

“I have to say, it was an amazing experience being with every girl from the pageant. I didn’t win and I didn’t have a spot in the finals but I am extremely happy in being able to be one of the chosen girls. I truly look forward to it next time no doubt. I am so happy with all the hard work everyone did and myself. Thanks for giving me this amazing experience.”

Selena Olivera
Teen Clairemont

“I had an amazing experience participating in Miss California Latina, I placed in Semi-finals. Everyone from the contestants to the staff were all sweet and very welcoming.”

Evelyn Gonzalez
Miss North Hollywoo

“In life we are given opportunities that come so we can grow and prosper, Miss California Latina was one. I came in 2nd runner up, and for that, I am grateful.”

Jacklyne Aceves,Miss San Bernardino
2nd Runner Up

“Thank you so much for an amazing opportunity. This was my first time ever competing in a pageant, I had so much fun. I never realized how much practice, hard work, and training goes behind a pageant. I met many incredible young women who are also striving to make a difference.”

Jennifer Mota
Miss Montebello

“The Miss and Teen California Latina Pageant was an amazing experience. This was my first pageant and I was unsure how it would play out. It turns out, all the rumors of catty girls are untrue, and every one of the girls was truly a great friend. We all helped each other out. If there was a piece of hair we couldn’t curl or just being positive and staying calm, we were all there for each other. When I was called up to be a finalist I was overjoyed, and then to be one of the final three I was ecstatic, it was incredible to think I had made it this far. Overall it was a remarkable event that I will never forget.”

Paulina Luna Vazquez
Teen Bonita
2nd Runner-Up

“My experience with Miss California Latina was phenomenal. I learned a lot of discipline, courage, and how to push myself beyond my limit. Embracing my inner and outer beauty plus culture, in every way was the best part of it all. Having this opportunity to be involved in Miss California Latina is an honor. I wish everyone the best in their future endeavors. This long lasting memory inspires me to keep moving forward and pursuing my future dreams and goals. I wish to keep serving the community and someday wish to help others globally; being a role model for other women and showing them that not even the sky is the limit. Participating in this event makes everyone courageous. I wish all the beautiful, intelligent latinas nothing but the best. Shall blessings, love, peace, and prosperity reign in all the contestants and everyone else involved. “Adelante Mujer Latina!”

Lizelle Gutierrez
Miss Hollywood
Winner of the Bettie Page Clothing LA Search

“Participating in the Miss California Pageant was an amazing experience. It gave me the opportunity to venture away from the same four walls of custom and busy work and try something new and exiting. Not only did I meet a lot of wonderful young ladies but I also learned several valuable lessons, which I will take with me and utilize for the rest of my life.”

Yamilet Camacho
Miss Fontana

“Miss California Latina was a great learning experience in all aspects from the way to know how to dress for event to walking the runway with all confidence. I feel that after this experience I have a really big desire to achieve my goals of being an anchor and lawyer for the Latino Community. Thank you to the Miss California Latina organization.”

Janette Mata
Miss San Fernando Latina

” Thanks to all the organization and team of The Gala Company, I had an amazing time and defiantly a great experience in my life.”

Nelly Luna
Miss Los Angeles
4th Runner-up

“I had a remarkable experience to say the least. Each and every contestant was a joy to meet and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share this journey with each and every one of these young women. The MCL pageant does an amazing job of showcasing the strength, intelligence, courage and diversity of the Latina community. The organization was a pleasure to work with and their support and encouragement through the whole process was incredible. ”


Lauren Reid
Miss Oxnard
1st Runner-up
Miss Photogenic

“Being a contestant in the Miss California Latina pageant allowed me to meet so many intelligent and powerful women who inspired me to make a change for the good.”

Claudia Godinez
Miss Galt