” I had the privilege of representing the city of Van Nuys in this years Miss California Latina Pageant. This was my first time ever participating in a pageant and it was most definitely one of the proudest, most memorable, and challenging experiences of my life. I feel like I have grown in insurmountable ways just from this opportunity alone and not only was I able to take away a sense of pride and accomplishment, but new friendships as well! Thank you Miss California Latina!”

Laureen Trujillo, Miss Van Nuyes Latina 2011

” I had the privilege of representing the city of Van Nuys in this years Miss California Latina Pageant. This was my first time ever participating in a pageant and it was most definitely one of the proudest, most memorable, and challenging …

“I have grown so much since my first pageant last year. Being crowned is a huge commitment with a lot of preparation, personality, and HUMBLENESS behind a pretty face. This summer I took runway classes, make up classes, and I knocked from door to door looking for sponsors. I competed with like 30 girls who ended up becoming like sisters to me. It was an honor to be the first Miss Imperial Valley Latina to represent as such important event. The most nerve wrecking part was probably answering a question out of the blue. And being the last 2 ladies standing was an awesome feeling. I wish Melissa the best of luck n nationals. I am so happy to be first runner up, and I will be continuing to purse the dream.”

Alejandra Ramirez
Miss Imperial Valley Latina 2015
1st Runner up

“This pageant was such an amazing experience for me. I’m honored to have won Miss Congeniality, Best Smile (including a contract), Most Photogenic, and Second Runner Up. I had so much fun with you girls! Thanks for helping me with my Spanish lol love you all and we will stay friends forever!”

Cassandra Imani Kyaw,
Miss Teen Rancho Mirage Latina 2015
Best Smile
Miss Photogenic
2nd Runner up

“Its been one year since I was crowned Miss Teen California Latina. I was also honored to receive Miss Congeniality, Miss Fashionwear, and Miss Photogenic. It has been a long, responsible, stressful but fun journey with this title. I was able to go to Nationals and represent California with a Miss title along the way meet amazing girls of all ages who inspire me to do better. I’m not gonna say more beacue I will be doing that day I crown the next successor on November 22 (and I will probably cry if I can be hinest). P.S. thank you Miss Teen California Latina 2013 for crowning me ! Happy that San Diego has represented well in California.”

Lynda Shanell Aguayo
Miss California Latina 2015
Semi-Finalist at Miss U.S. Latina

“ On October 21, 2010 I was blessed with winning the title of Miss California Latina, from that day forward I have had so many great doors open for me. I worked alongside so many great charities and organizations and met amazing people along the way!! I went to compete in Dominican Republic and represent my state in the national competition Miss US Latina where I placed 3rd runner up! Few months later I went to Miami to compete in the televised show Model Latina South Beach! Thank you Miss California Latina for such an amazing experience. I am forever grateful for everything you have done for me and continue to do.”

Cindy Salaues
Miss California Latina 2010
3rd Runner-up At Miss U.S. Latina

“AMAZING EXPERIENCE at the Miss California Latina Pageant, I wanted to thank everyone for the love and support and I was so happy to have made it to the Semi Finalist! Congrats to Melissa Santos for winning Miss California Latina!! I did end up winning the swimwear/fitness and peoples choice which was huge to me!! Once again, thanks for all the love everyone and all my supoorters, Especially Xtian Colelction for my lovely and formally fitted gown!!”

Divina Casas
Miss Irvine Latina 2015

“I had an amazing time at Miss California Latina this past weekend. Although I didn’t make top 8 this year I have learned more than ever that staying genuine and positive are the key components to competing in pageants and in life! Today I am thankful for many things and one of them is my constant drive to better myself. We are only here for a short time ladies, so enjoy yourself! Do something that makes you better!”

Andrea Garcia
Miss Turlock Latina 2015

“ Although it was a stressful weekend I cant deny I didn’t enjoy every second of it. I learned so much from this experience and met so many beautiful ladies.”

Daniela Vitela
Miss Chula Vista Latina 2014

“Miss San Jose Latina 2012 for Miss California Latina by far one of the most memorable experiences of my life, I was 20 years old, ready to take on the world.”

Martha Marlu Silva
Miss San Jose Latina 2012

“Can’t believe this time last week I was competing for the title of Miss California Latina. And had the pleasure of meeting so many people and so many new pageant sisters that I know will be life long friends! The bond we grew in such a short time shows how much of an amazing weekend this was for all of us! Love them all so much!.”

Ashley Magdaleno
Miss Hollywood Latina 2014

Miss California Latina has been by far one of the best experiences of my life. In those 3 short & busy days I grew into a much more confident person. I learned so much from the staff and the rest of the contestants. I will take this experience with me for the rest of my life along with great new friendships! Thank you MCL for a great show and opportunity!

Edna Ramirez
Miss East Bay Latina 2013

This pageant was a wonderful experience. Ive learned to be more confident about myself and also humble. Ive lived my dream of being in a pageant growing up I would watch them on tv and dreamed of being in one and I did it. So I know dreams come true but they take time. Win or loose I was honored to be apart of it and was great meeting all the girls. This has helped me move forward with my dreams, thank you  MCL.

Sonya Fajardo
Miss Tulare Latina 2013

I am very greatful for this experience. I spent three days in a beautiful hotel, met inspiring young women and I won the Miss Congeniality award. The only thing I had a hard time with was being away from my family. But I put those emotions to the side because I had an opportunity that many girls dont get and I was, and still am very greatful for. When pageant day finally arrived, I was so excited! Although I did not place I still walked away with my award and an amazing experience.

Ashley Christine Villanueva
Teen Bakersfield Latina 2013
Miss Congeniality

The pageant for Miss Teen California Latina really helped me grow on a personal level and also professionally as a model. It was a great experience to get to know all of the other girls so well by spending a whole weekend together. And even though I didn’t win I am really happy to have been chosen as one of the participants, and I feel proud of myself for what I did because I know that I did my best. I feel proud to have represented the beautiful city of San Leandro and specially of representing all of the beautiful Latinas. I want to thank all of the staff of the Miss CA Latina organization who made this event possible, and most importantly my family for always supporting me in all of my aspirations. Thanks for giving me this amazing and unforgettable experience!

Jessamyn Ochoa
Teen San Leandro Latina 2013

My first year competing for the title of Miss Teen California Latina was back in 2011 I placed among the six semi-finalist and I won the title of Teen photogenic. Sincerely I had so much Fun! I decided to come back this year representing the beautiful city of Coronado. It was an amazing experience! I learned a lot from all the coaches, made new friends, enjoyed all of the dinners and most of all I had fun! I truly encourage others to do it! And even though I didn’t place this time, it’s worth the try.  From the first moment you fill out the application you’re already a winner!

Blanca Avila
Teen Coronado Latina 2013

I was one those skeptics who believed in the misconceptions about pageantry until I decided to challenge myself and join one in 2013. Miss California Latina changed my whole entire perspective on pageants! The contestants that I met, are not only empowering Latinas in their communities, but now friends that I will forever perish. The journey that I took for this pageant not only challenged me physically and mentally, but it has also helped me become a better role model for Latinas in my community. The MCL pageant is a experience that I will never forget!

Norma Hernandez
Miss San Francisco Latina 2013
3rd Runner Up

It was great to meet all the ladies competing in the pageant and see how we are all striving to achieve many similar goals in our lives. After pageant weekend, I definitely felt empowered and destined for greatness. It completely moved, motivated and inspired me!

Miss Delegate 2013

I think the pageant was a great experience and it helps all the candidates become more confident and happy in their own skin which is something that all women should be able to have confidence in. Themselves & I think that this pageant does a great job at helping building confidence as well as inner beauty which is one of the main reasons why I decided to participate in it. Thank you for the great experience and hospitality ! 🙂

Miss Delegate 2013

Let me take a moment to say that Jennifer Rodriguez is not only an incredible state director and inspiration, but a true leader and example in the Latina pageant community. Others have literally taken years of hard work, methods, ideas, etc and replicated them to their benefit. Not sure if you have ever gotten credit for those things, but you sure deserve it! However, credit or no credit, what matters is that we all see your dedication and efforts in creating a great system for young Latina leaders. You’ve created more than the best pageant for latinas in the state (and US, in my opinion) you’ve created a gateway, an outlet and avenue for those of us who may be in need of inspiration, self-esteem, career experience, advocacy, and the list goes on. 

Thank you for the most amazing year of my life!! For my precious crown, but most importantly for your lifetime friendship and continued support

Ana Valencia
Miss California Latina
Miss Redwood City Latina 2011

I didn’t win Miss California Latina!!! BUT it was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! Preparing for the last 5 months was a huge growing experience and I feel like I truly elevated myself to another level in life that will continue to help me be the best Adriana I can possible be! Thank you to everybody who supported me through my journey to Miss California Latina… I truly appreciate you! Can’t wait until next year to compete again. Pageants keep women SHARP! Stay motivated, stay humble, stay mature is my motto! Love you all!

Adriana Davalos
Miss Studio City Latina 2012