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The Miss California Latina™ and Miss Teen California Latina™ pageant is the largest state pageant in the United Stated for Latinas. The mission is to empower women of Latin and Hispanic origin living in California and enable them to embrace and showcase their Latin American culture while serving the community.

The Miss California Latina and Miss Teen California Latina pageants provide personal and professional opportunities for young women to take pride in their culture, have a voice in politics and in-turn make a difference in the community. The organization provides a forum where the beauty, viewpoints, talents and accomplishments of young Latinas are not only highlighted, but have a purpose.

Miss California Latina and Miss Teen California Latina are the preliminaries to the national Miss Latina US and Miss Teen US Latina, the most prestigious and well known pageant in the world for U.S. Latinas, as well as the longest-running (since 1983). It is also the only national Latina pageant in the U.S. that follows traditional pageant guidelines for participants and affiliate preliminary competitions.

City Preliminary Pageants 

Check your local city for preliminary competitions. If there is not a city preliminary in your area, you can APPLY HERE.

Miss Fresno Latina™
Miss Los Angeles Latina™
Miss Pasadena Latina™
Miss Sacramento Latina™
Miss San Diego Latina™
Miss San Fransisco Latina™
Miss San Jose Latina™

To discuss becoming a city/affiliate Pageant please contact us at:
Miss California Latina 310-975-3138 or email