Teen California Latina 2016




Jennifer Razo is a 17-year old high school senior who represents her culture as an advocate to making a difference by promoting education through music and positive self-image amongst young Latinos.

Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family. She is also involved on her high school campus. Jennifer is the concertmaster of her school Orchestra and is also a member of the Band and Color Guard. Jennifer also enjoys giving back to her community. Within this last year she has accumulating over 200 hours of community service alone.

Jennifer participates in pageants because they allow her to showcase her confidence, raise awareness about her passions, network, express herself onstage, and most importantly have fun!

Jennifer aspires to start a non-profit organization of her own. Her non-profit would focus on providing free music education to underfunded school districts. Jennifer believes strongly in the healing powers of music, and that music education is vital to a child’s development in expression and in having a positive self-esteem.

Jennifer has been playing music since she was nine years old, and now plays five instruments: violin, piano, ukulele, guitar and French horn. Music is her passion; she is also a composer who hopes to one day hear her music on the big screen.

Currently residing in San Diego, California, Jennifer comes from a Mexican-American household of two loving parents and two younger brothers.

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