Teen California Latina 2014



Sulema Sienna Barajas is a charismatic, determined, and dedicated 15 year old who is a San Diego, California local. Although she was raised in “America’s finest city” for the most part, she spent some time in Germany as a child living on a military base. She is a sophomore at Chula Vista High School and strives for that extra step by taking honors, accelerated and AP (Advanced Placement) classes. Sulema is fascinated in politics so she plans on studying law once she graduates high school.

Dancing, acting, playing volleyball and giving back to the community are some of the things she loves to do on her spare time. Sulema is associated with the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station, which is a San Diego nonprofit organization that helps repair some of the injured troops. Since she was an army brat, she believes in helping the ones who have sacrificed their lives for ours. Anything that has to do with the military has a very special place in her heart.

In 2010, Sulema was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which is a body aching disease that affects a person’s tendons, joints, and muscles. Sulema was limited to very little activity and was forced to stop some every day life actions.

Through out the tougher times, she remained positive and she told her self that no matter what anyone said, or however she felt, it was not going to knock her down. Slowly, she began pushing herself to be where she needed to be again. Now she is involved in dancing, exercises and struts the runway as if the disease did not exist.

Sulema main goal as Miss Teen California Latina 2014 is to be able to motivate teens to achieve their goal regardless of the obstacle set in front of them.

Another message that she wants to send out is that you do not have to look a certain way, or be a certain size to want to follow your goals and dreams. Although Sulema is not what most would think as a prototype pageant girl, she followed through, worked hard to achieve a goal she wanted.

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