Miss California Latina 2016

Miss Headshot


Melissa Santos, newly crowned Miss California Latina 2016, aspires to motivate Latinos by promoting self-confidence and by encouraging others to expand their knowledge through higher education.

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Melissa was able to travel the world and experience a variety of cultures at a very young age. Moving from the United States, to Portugal and later to Mexico, allowed her to view the lives of others in different countries. At age 6, Melissa lived with her family in Mexico while her mother immigrated to the United States to create a better future for her family, later bringing Melissa to the U.S. to join her. Melissa is trilingual and associates herself with three nationalities, Portuguese, Mexican, and American.

With the passing of her mother, Melissa moved back to Mexico where she continued her higher education in criminology and criminalistics in Guadalajara. This is where she realized how life had changed in Mexico and how bad the government’s corruption was affecting local communities. Since, Melissa anticipates bringing change to those communities.

With her role as Miss California Latina, she plans on helping the community as well as creating awareness on the issues she had seen in Mexico. Melissa hopes to inspire other Mexican Americans to use their confidence in creating awareness that will guide those living in Mexico’s affected communities into a brighter future.

Returning to the U.S. in January of 2015, Melissa currently resides in Pasadena, California and has continued her studies at Pasadena City College as a Psychology Major.

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