Miss California Latina 2014


Karina Heredia was board in La Mesa, California and is of Mexican and Cuban decent.

With an opportunity to live in Guadalajara, Mexico and several cities in the United States her family eventually ended up back in the sunny San Diego.

Moving around and attending many different schools made it difficult for young Karina to feel like she belonged. However with that she learned how to adapt to different environments and diversity of people.

Playing sports played an important role in her growth in that it helped her make friends and also taught her to work hard to achieve her goals.  Through her passion and love for volleyball, she learned discipline and dedication to goals.  Having played for six years, she was recognized as the Most Valuable Player on her varsity volleyball team senior year of high school.

Karina is currently attending UCSB and focused on graduating in June of 2014 with a phycology degree. She then plans to go on to attend dental school after graduation.

Karina love for her family does not go unnoticed. She attributes her family as her inspiration to much of her successes.  Her biggest and hardest challenge to date was losing her father a little over two years ago. He was her pillar, the person she could always count on and the most important man in her life. Through the pain of losing her father, Karina found a way to handle the sadness, fighting back the emptiness and regaining control of her life.

Karina plans to use her title as Miss California Latina to be an example for younger generations to strive for a better future, by helping to improve their eating habits, increase their activity levels, pursue their dreams. She wants to also inspire young people to set educational goals because knowledge is power.