MISS SAN JOSE LATINA – 4th Runner Up / Miss Photogenic


Why do you want to become Miss California Latina?

Miss California Latina takes a lot of hard work and dedication in many aspects. I want to attend community events, volunteer, and focus on my social cause to make a difference. To be a positive leader, influence our Latin community to pursue their education and NEVER give up on your dreams  Everyone has a story worth being heard and a voice worth being listened to. I am proud of where I come from, who I am and my culture. I would love to represent the Latino community at a State level and go on to represent at an international level too. I am a first generation, my family came here for the American dream. I’ve lived through many difficult obstacles in my life . Being a young Latina and facing these struggles has never stopped me from accomplishing my goals. I learned from them and thanks to every positive and negative experience, I am who I am today. I aspire to motivate our Latin community, encouraging others to expand their knowledge through higher education, promote self-confidence, and inspire everyone to always follow their dreams no matter what. Miss California Latina will give me the opportunity to use my platform to build a community and I will continue to work hard to proudly represent my state and country.