vacca-sacarmentoERIKA VACA

Why do you want to become Miss California Latina?

I want to be Miss CA Latina because I want to be a role model for all girls in society. Society needs an influence who can change the perception of Latina women, rather than just seeing us as “sexy” women, we need to be seen as educated leaders in society that can make a real difference. I feel that my actions and achievements make me a good role model people can look up to. Despite being a woman, Latina, and a millennial, I have achieved many difficult life goals and are currently pursuing more of my goals. Some of my most recent goals I have achieved include having become a homeowner at age 24, graduating from California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, working for a successful lobbying firm, and being accepted into Arizona State University and Thomas Edison State University to work on completing my second bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Another reason I want to be Miss CA Latina is because I want to influence others into living a healthy lifestyle where they are more aware of the foods they consume. Several people do not notice the harm we can cause on our bodies from everyday food choices. I am not saying never eat or drink at a fast food place. I just want to educate others on being more aware of the foods they put in their bodies because it has effects on their health.

Some of the ways I have changed my lifestyle is by consuming more organic fruits and vegetables. I am working on becoming a certified fruit and vegetable grower so that to I’ll be able to consume most of my organic fruits and vegetables from my own backyard and sell the excess fruits and vegetables to local markets. I have also started to use some organic makeup, which doesn’t have the many chemicals typical makeup has and has made my skin feel a lot healthier. A third reason I want to be Miss CA Latina is because I want to help the elderly, the homeless, and animals in shelters. In order to make changes in our communities we need to work together so that we can help and educate those in need by volunteering and donating to local organizations.