MISS ROSEVILLE LATINA – Miss California Latina

diaz-rosevilleYESENIA DIAZ 

Why do you want to become Miss California Latina?

First of all, I am aware of the responsibility that comes with this title but personally, I consider myself a responsible, disciplined, and capable of being the holder of this title. I am really passionate about having the opportunity to contribute in many ways to my community, owing the fact that I think the point of winning this contest or any other, is not only winning a crown and a title but most importantly is what I can do with this title. Therefore, if it is in my power to make a difference by serving others and returning a little to my community, I assure you that this crown will not be only kept in a glass case, but I will do  everything in my power to represent MCL in the best way possible. Since, I want to be a voice and an inspiration to other young folks (females and males), by uplifting thoughts and sentiments of mankind. Furthermore, by proving with actions to them that whatever they want to achieve will consist of hard work and dedication and in the end there will be no other greater satisfaction knowing that they accomplish their goals. As a result, I believe this pageant will be the perfect opportunity to continue discovering my weaknesses and transfer them into strengths.