guzman-oaklandCAROLINA GUZMAN

Why do you want to become Miss California Latina?

Five years ago, a borderline obese Carolina walked into a Miss California Latina casting. My self-esteem low and anxiety high due to the scars of growing up bullied and almost being killed by a bully .Since then, I have competed three times and have been told no three times.  I’ve had my parents “disown me” for competing but I am STILL HERE. My dream has been to not only win the California crown, but also the Miss America Latina Del Mundo crown and showcase how even if you have to take the journey alone, that anything is possible.  If blessed with this job, I would fight to serve as an international advocate for bullying. The epitome of a strong woman is one who never gives up on her dreams despite the many odds against her. For this reason, I will never give up on my ambitions.