iberra-los-angelesLINDSEY IBARRA

Why do you want to become Miss California Latina?

Becoming Miss CA Latina would mean more to me than words can describe. I know I can be a strong female representative of what the Latina woman should stand for: strength, morality, and perseverance. Through community involvement, I would like to be an advocate for higher education and a self-love body image; two values that are lacking in our Latino community.  I am able to relate to this due to my experiences as a first generation college graduate and having been exposed to negative comments about my body image for over 10 years. My message is not to advocate perfection but rather becoming a better version of you and working on your dreams- something I work on everyday of my life. There are many girls and boys who look up to beauty queens and I endeavor to not only act as a role model but a leader.