MISS ANAHEIM LATINA – People’s Choice Winner & Miss Congeniality



Why do you want to become Miss California Latina?

Being crowned Miss California Latina would mean the world to me because I would be the voice of encouragement and empowerment for other Hispanic/Latina women.  I strive to be an advocate for them by showing them that anything is possible regardless of gender roles and our roots.  I want to be the voice for our Hispanic/Latin community and to exhibit that hard work does pay off and that living the American Dream is not only possible but attainable.  I would want to encourage women to break stereotypes and to be part of the progressive movement that women have become part of.   I have overcome many challenges such as bulling throughout childhood; however, I have not let the words and labels define the young women I wish to become.  I desire to motivate all women regardless of age, weight, and ethnicity to love themselves and to never let them think less of their capabilities.  I aim to be their support and role model as someone who has taken each challenge and seen it as an opportunity of growth.