baca-altadenaWhy do you want to become Miss California Latina?

well there are many reason why  I want to become miss California latina but the one that honestly stands out from the rest empowering women and by winning miss California  latina I hope to be able to show case all around the world that size does not matter and that anyone is able to participate in a pageant I as I was taught in beauty school all women are beautiful no matter what age ,color, race or, size. Many women can spent a entire life wanting to be that ideal 5’7 size 4 waist and strive there entire life to be just like that I want women to see we should love our body we are cause that’s what sets us apart from the rest of the world and we should look and feel beautiful no matter what even if you are a size 22 or a 2 or if you color is a little darker from the rest you are beautiful inside and out!!!!!